Hydro Nation Scholars Programme

The Hydro Nation scholars programme is part of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation Policy. The objective of the Policy is to develop the economic, environmental and social value of Scotland’s water resources. The Hydro Nation scholars play an important role in supporting this by:

  • developing understanding of how and where best to develop the value of Scotland’s water resources
  • focusing on enhancing Scottish capacity in areas of existing research excellence
  • providing new research and insights where there are gaps related to water resources in Scotland.
The programme and the associated graduate school will be managed on behalf of the Scottish Government by Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW), drawing on its Scotland-wide water policy, industry and academic network.
The call for project proposals for the 2014 programme is now closed. To apply, please use the CREW Hydro Nation application form
The following projects have been advertised:
  • Assessing the Risk of Poor Water Quality in Impoundments During Drought Conditions
  • Energy Neutral Wastewater Treatment for Small Coastal Communities
  • Development of a Novel Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor for Energy-Neutral Anaerobic Wastewater
  • Bioenergy Crops in Scotland: Potential Trade-Offs Under Different Climatic and Policy Scenarios
  • River Health Diagnostic System and Functional Indicators for Ecosystem Services
  • The Role of Water Flows in Scotland's Land Based Nexus Decision Making
  • Micro and Nanoplastics in Wastewater Treatment Systems and Receiving Waters
  • "Empowering Agriculture": Providing Solutions to Water-Energy-Food Nexus Through Renewable Energy-Driven Irrigation Systems
  • Integrated River Basin Management Framework Under the Lens of Loss and Damage
  • Working Across Boundaries for Integrated Water Governance: Transitional Waters in Scotland
  • Multiscale Modelling to Assess Impacts on Flows and Ecology in Regulated Rivers
  • Community Based, Non-Structural Flood Risk Management for Malawi
  • A Sustainable Small-Scale Potable Water Production Technology for Rural Scotland
  • Development of a Water Supply Toolkit for Remote Rural Areas in Scotland
  • Can Low Cost Biosorbent Technology be used to Efficiently Remove Steroid Hormones and Pharmaceutical Residues from Wastewater Effluents?
  • Ecosystem-Based Adaptation as a New Paradigm for Protecting Raw Water Quality in Scotland
  • Managing Produced Water from Unconventional Gas Production in Scotland