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Inspiring Aquatic Monitoring - A review of innovative approaches to monitoring the aquatic environment

This project carried out an international review of monitoring networks to identify and summarise innovative approaches to inform monitoring under the water Framework Directive. SEPA said "As we review our monitoring networks to support the second cycle of the River Basin Management Plan, it's very important that we learn from approaches and opportunities developed elsewhere. This CREW report, along with the workshop report delivered by the UK Environmental Observation Framework, will help us deliver the tools to improve our understanding of the environment, whilst reducing costs".

Project Objectives

  • A review of monitoring network designs and principles. This will include reviewing monitoring networks across the world (potentially across media), to identify and summarise innovative and radical approaches.  The focus should be on nation-wide monitoring networks, ideally those with similar objectives to the WFD monitoring carried out in Scotland.
  • Information from applicants’ network of contacts across the EU/world, supplemented by interviews/discussions with key players where required.  Countries which have only recently started to develop systematic aquatic monitoring networks may be of particular interest, as their low resources and lack of a legacy network may have led them to be more innovative and radical in their approach.