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Image showing overspill in dam


Projects Drinking Water

1st August 2013

Scottish Water Sector Overview Map

Water has always been central to Scotland’s prosperity and we have a reputation for a high quality water environment, however energy use in the water industry is a primary source of CO2 emissions (CO2e) and as we face stricter water quality standards due to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD),...
30th July 2013

Drinking water quality and radon

The aim of this project is to understand the implications for Scotland of adopting a proposal for a Council Directive setting out requirements for the protection of public health from radioactive substances in water intended for human consumption. Research results will inform the prioritisation of...

Benefits of catchment management for improving drinking water quality

The potential benefits of catchment management for improving drinking water quality are widely recognised and evidence is beginning to show that this is a cost-effective way to reduce the costs of treatment. There are also benefits beyond the protection and improvement of drinking water quality...

Water, Health and Well-being

This project, carried out between April 2011 and December 2012, contributed to our understanding by raising stakeholder awareness of the state of knowledge of the role of water in relation to well-being (e.g. a cause of stress, or a factor influencing psychological restoration); collating the state...

Evaluating CREW

The aim of CREW is to increase the networks between researchers, policy makers and practitioners; skills and capacity of researchers to share knowledge; and impact of knowledge generated. The Evaluating Science, Policy, Practice Interfaces (ESPPI) project undertakes evaluation of CREW on a yearly...