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1st June 2013

The Scottish Rivers Handbook

'The Scottish Rivers Handbook’ produced by the James Hutton Institute and the University of Stirling for CREW, is an accessible, fully illustrated 36 page book that gives an overview of the physical character of Scotland’s rivers. The book aims to educate people on working with river processes and...
1st March 2013

The potential risks to water quality from diffuse pollution driven by future land use and climate change

Part of the WFD Article 5 reporting requirements is an element of horizon scanning to the middle of this century to identify potential risks to water quality from diffuse pollution driven by future land use and climate change. A review has been carried out and the key changes that might result from...
1st February 2013

Value of Scotland's Water Resources

Short accessible briefing summaring current academic thinking and evidence on the value of water resources. It considers the Scottish context and examines how the value of water resources might be developed. Produced for the stage 3 debate for the Water Resources (Scotland) Bill which took place in...
1st February 2013

Impact of riparian invasive non-native plant species on freshwater habitats and species

This short report summarises the documented impacts of riparian invasive non-native plant species Rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum and its hybrids), Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica), Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens grandulifera), and Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) on freshwater...
1st December 2012

Blue Health: Water, Health & Well-being – Salutogenic Benefits

This research builds on the current evidence base showing a salutogentic (i.e. health improving) benefit of green space (termed “green health”). Based on this evidence we posited that water settings (blue space) should hold similar health benefits, i.e. offer opportunities for increased physical...
1st December 2012

Blue Health: Water, Health & Well-being – Sustainable Drainage Systems

There is increasing interest in exploring the health and well-being impacts of water in the environment (blue health), including the potential of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) to enhance amenity for residents. Blue health research is relatively new, and the purpose of this project was to...
1st December 2012

Blue Health: Water, Health & Well-being

This research reviews the evidence base for both positive and negative relationships between water in the landscape, health and well-being (termed blue health). Water is important for human health, both physiologically and psychologically; however, much of the research on blue health has focused on...
1st October 2012

Investigation of the relationship between humic substances and total phosphorus and the processes of release from catchment soils to loch waters

This study outlines proposals to clarify the importance of water colour (in terms of dissolved organic matter - DOM - compositional quality, e.g. humic substances (HS) content) for predicting TP concentrations in Scottish Lochs to help meet regulatory criteria under the Water Framework Directive....
Agricultural field
30th April 2012

A review of the arguments relating to bulk export of water

This document reviews the available information on water export and summarises the arguments for and against, providing examples where possible.There is very limited, up-to-date robust and impartial evidence relating to bulk export of water, consequently much of the information presented here is...
1st April 2012

Linking Catchments and Coasts

Scotland’s rivers, coasts and seas provide a critical resource for a range of human activities. In the past, links between human activities and the environment have been poorly managed, leading to a legacy of degradation. Global changes are giving rise to a range of new challenges such as increased...