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Water Resource Balancing: Is a closed loop system possible that enables sustainable rural supplies?

The aim of this work is to carry out a mass balance of energy, nutrients and other potential resources at a range of scales (single house to a small community). The study will consider whether a closed loop cycle for water and energy is possible. In doing so, the project team will identify technologies that may be needed to make this possible. Furthermore the project team will determine the economic level of recovery for selected parameters while taking into account factors such as environmental impact, scalability and life cycle analysis.




Project Objectives

  • Identify the resources of interest through a literature review
  • Gather and analyse data on the stocks and flows of the identified resources in the chosen process aspects, or scale.
  • Determine the inter-play between identified resources that determine economic levels of resource efficiency.
  • Report on the mass balance of target resources within managed and natural water systems.
  • Identify and quantify optimised and sub-optimal systems making suggestions for improvement and innovation potential.
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