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Water has always been central to Scotland’s prosperity and we have a reputation for a high quality water environment, however energy use in the water industry is a primary source of CO2 emissions (CO2e) and as we face stricter water quality standards due to the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), the carbon footprint is likely to increase. An integrated approach to water management which exploits inter-sectorial links is key to reducing CO2e and meeting WFD water quality targets.  To illustrate complex water related interactions and allow water management strategies to be developed the team will develop a simplified map to enable integrated analysis of the urban water cycle to support management activities.




Project Objectives

  • To identify the different parts of the Scottish water sector
  • To collate information on each of these parts
  • To demonstrate how these parts are linked to form the overall water sector in Scotland
  • To illustrate these data and connections in the form of a map