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What we do


CREW is a Scottish Government funded partnership between the James Hutton Institute, Scottish Higher Education Institutes and Research Institutes.

Our science-policy priorities are to:

  • Deliver evidence needed to implement regulations on protecting and improving the water environment.
  • Provide expert advice for policy needs on ongoing and emerging opportunities and challenges in areas such as water quality & health, a net-zero circular economy & societal perceptions of water issues.
  • Engage with a wide range of information users and communities, to maximise the benefits of the research to society.

CREW is a demand-driven service, managing the engagement with researchers to:

  • Deliver timely and accurate advice
  • Coordinate and fund research, analysis and interpretation
  • Stimulate innovative and proactive thinking
  • Develop an ethos of co-production and genuine knowledge exchange
  • Develop the networks and skills of researchers, policy makers and practitioners to make best use of available science leading to improved environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Requesting organisations 

CREW Partner organisations can request projects to be delivered by CREW and are part of the Steering Group which oversees CREW’s activities, providing strategic advice and support on our work, relationships and impact. There are currently 10 CREW Partner organisations:

The Scottish Government
Scottish Water
See the source image
See the source image
Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (WDQR)
Scottish Canals
Food Standards Scotland
Zero Waste Scotland
Water Industry Commission for Scotland