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CREW is a Scottish Government funded partnership between the James Hutton Institute and Scottish Universities, supported by MASTS.

CREW is a demand-driven service, managing the engagement with researchers to;

  • Deliver timely and accurate advice
  • Coordinate and fund research, analysis and interpretation
  • Stimulate innovative and proactive thinking
  • Develop an ethos of co-production and genuine knowledge exchange
  • Develop the networks and skills of researchers, policy makers and practitioners to make best use of available science leading to improved environmental, social and economic outcomes.

CREW runs the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation Scholarship Programme and Graduate School.  The Hydro Nation Scholars Programme is an open competition for PhD scholars to undertake approved cutting-edge water projects, hosted within Scottish Universities and Research Institutes.  These studies will help to create new expertise within Scotland and build our international profile.  For more information please visit the Hydro Nation Scholarship Programme website.

Further information on our people is available.