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Themes 2022-2027

Crew themes are responsive and linked to contemporary and emerging issues and the disciplines required to deliver knowledge supporting policy. Three themes described below are set within an overarching consideration of Water and Society in all our work.

Key considerations include sustainable water use, societal perceptions of water issues, water resilient places and technologies. CREW's thematic areas for 2022-2027 are as follows:

           Policy areas/drivers include: Drinking Water Directive review, Drinking Water Supplies, Public Health.

          Key aspects include consideration of: drinking water, waste water, human & environmental health, epidemiology and contaminants. 


          Policy areas/drivers include: Water and Climate Policy/Regulation, Natural Flood Management, Coastal Erosion Management.

         Key aspects include consideration of: flooding, water scarcity, coastal erosion, risk scenarios and nature-based solutions. 


          Policy areas/drivers include: River Basin Management Planning (RBMP 3), Nature Capital, Post CAP Rural Support.

        Key aspects include consideration of: detection and mitigation of diffuse pollution, resource recovery and reuse.



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