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CREW is governed according to key policy areas in Scotland’s water sector including flooding, water scarcity, coastal erosion, catchment management, rural sustainability, water quality and health, and resource recovery. Cross-cutting activities focus on adapting to climate change, land use and urbanisation, promoting the circular economy, a post-COVID green recovery, the move to net zero and a just transition for communities. 

CREW’s themes are responsive and linked to contemporary and emerging issues and the disciplines required to deliver knowledge to support policy. The themes for 2022-27 are pictured below, with links to individual theme pages.

Water and Society

Hydrological Extremes, Coasts and Risk Management

  • Policy: Water and Climate Policy/Regulation, Natural Flood Management, Coastal Erosion Management.

  • Science: flooding, water scarcity, coastal erosion, risk scenarios and nature-based solutions.

Land and Water Resource Management

Land and Water Resource Management
  • Policy: River Basin Management Planning (RBMP 3), Nature Capital, Post CAP Rural Support.

  • Science: water and soil management, energy, land use, diffuse pollution, resource recovery and reuse

Water Quality and Health

Water Quality and Health

Policy: Water Framework Directive, Drinking Water Directive, Water, Wastewater and Drainage

Science: drinking water, waste water, human & environmental health, epidemiology and contaminants.