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Land and Water Resource Management

  • Policy: River Basin Management Planning (RBMP 3), Nature Capital, Post CAP Rural Support.

  • Science: water and soil management, energy, land use, diffuse pollution, resource recovery and reuse


The Land and Water Resource Management theme considers the relationship between water and land management, detection and mitigation of diffuse pollution and resource recovery and reuse.

The projects within this theme will inform regulation and policy in areas which include nature capital, land use and urbanisation and post ‘common agricultural policy’ rural support.

The improved understanding of water and land resource management will support recognition and quality of the ecosystem services on which society depends.

CREW will launch a capacity building project on this theme in early 2023 aiming to assess the socio-economic impact of soil degradation on Scotland’s water environment.

Direct and indirect costs to society will be considered with a focus on water quality, aquatic habitats, biodiversity and flooding.

Based on the evidence gathered, recommendations will be made for cost-effective, holistic actions for communities, businesses and decision-makers.