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CRW2023_15 Review of monitoring approaches to deliver healthy ecosystems for Scotland’s protected fresh waters and wetlands

A pond with trees and grass. Photo credit Irene Fortune.

CREW Code: CRW2023_15

Type of project: Capacity Building

Overview: NatureScot is reforming the current approach to Site Condition Monitoring for protected areas to support the delivery of healthy ecosystems.  This new approach will better inform practical conservation by transitioning to site-based assessments, prioritise indicators that inform management, and incorporate the wider landscape thus allowing NatureScot to identify and address pressures at appropriate scales.

Aim: The overall aim of this project is to review and make recommendations on what metrics to measure to support the effective delivery of ecosystem health for Scotland’s protected fresh waters and wetlands. This project builds on the findings and recommendations of a previous CREW study: CRW2019_03 Moderating extremes in water availability – a review of the role of functioning wetlands which provided a compilation of existing knowledge regarding wetland functions.

Project Status: In procurement

Budget: up to a maximum of £72,000 excluding VAT (if applicable)

Deadline for applications: Thursday 20th June 2024 noon.

Deadline for questions: Thursday 13th June 2024.

Project specification

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Project Objectives

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