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22nd March 2022

Water Wall in Motion: Winners!

Winners announced at World Water Day!

In March 2020 when the pandemic succeeded to 'lock Scotland down', CREW, in partnership with SEFARI Gateway, SAGES and HEIs, opened a video competition to virtually engage Scotland’s water community and share contemporary views of the importance of water in research, management, innovation and recreation.

Videos were submitted to one of seven thematic areas and were captured online for future use as a teaching resource and to promote wider engagement of our water community.

At World Water Day (22nd March 2022), a film of the winning entries was shown and prizes awarded for each category (see below).

The acceptance speech of the Sefari Gateway theme winner, Kate MacLeod can be viewed here.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this project by sharing excellent videos, the universities etc for helping to promote the project and SEFARI Gateway and SAGES for their financial support.

Theme Title Winner
Droughts and Floods Allt Lorgy, 'Stage Zero' Approach to River Restoration Duncan Ferguson (Spey Fishery Board and Partners)
Freshwater Restoration The River Leven Restoration Project Sarah Macdonald (Fife Coast and Countryside Trust)
Innovation in the Water sector Innovator in water treatment technology Victoria Porley (Uni of Edinburgh)
Living with Climate Change Wetland farming for climate adaptation Yanik Nyberg (Seawater Solutions)
Nature Based Solutions

Overview of work undertaken to understand the ecosystem

service provision potential of floating treatment wetlands

Jonathan Fletcher (University of Stirling/HNIC)
Water Quality "We all have a role to play in reducing water contamination" Lucille Groult (Uni of Dundee)
Water and Wellbeing Rocket Man!! Citizen science project : OurVoice Susan Grant (Glasgow Caledonian Uni, Cadder Primary School)
SEFARI Gateway

The Hebridean Mermaid shares her love of the ocean and

the therapeutic benefits of the underwater world.

Kate MacLeod