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25th April 2016

Workshop on pharma residues in the environment and bioremediation

Problems are caused by pharmaceutical residues entering drinking water, rivers and waste water effluents.

Problems are caused by pharmaceutical residues entering drinking water, rivers and waste water effluents. This raises difficult issues for public health professionals, while the water industry needs innovative and sustainable technologies to deal with them.

This event is being staged to highlight the scale of these issues, identify ways in which we can make a significant difference to public health concerns, as well as heading off the risks posed to Scotland’s international reputation as a pristine location, which food and drink, tourism and other important sectors rely on.

Importantly, there are significant opportunities here for businesses to provide technologies and services to reduce the risks, and be part of building Scotland’s reputation as a World leader in research and good practice in this sector.

You are invited to become involved, by joining this one-day workshop, at the Centre for Health Science, Raigmore, Inverness on Wednesday June 1 2016.

Who should attend:

  • Estates and waste managers – from the NHS and other organisations producing substantial volumes of wastewater and other discharges
  • Utility and water companies - and businesses in their supply chains
  • Public Health practitioners and other interested clinicians
  • Anyone developing relevant technological solutions - especially sustainable biotechnological approaches
  • Researchers interested in the water cycle, soil and the environmental contamination from pharma, other currently-recognised priority substances and emerging contamination issues.
  • People interested in developing the sustainable use of resources and circular economy
  • Statutory regulators 

Please save the date  -  further details will be circulated over the next few weeks: if you are interested in making a presentation at this meeting please get in touch

We would be grateful if you could pass this email on to any colleagues who would be interested in this meeting or its outcomes - and you can sign up to our circulation list here

Places at the workshop are free, and can booked at Eventbrite