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Image showing water sprayer in action



16th April 2018

Impacts of winter 2015/16 flooding in and around Ballater and in the Garioch: overview of findings from Project Year 1

The purpose of the Assessing the Impacts of Flooding project is to better understand the impacts of flooding upon people and communities and to consider what types of support and advice are needed at different stages of a long term recovery.  Over a 36 month period, the project will advance...
22nd November 2017

Scotland's Water Sector Map 2017

In 2015, a review of Scotland’s Water Sector was published by CREW in support of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation Strategy. This work reported on the scope and the scale of Scotland’s Water Sector, and how different parts of the sector link together using visual tools in the form of Scotland’...
14th September 2017

Assessing the effectiveness of Scotland’s public flood warning service

Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts have been offered in Scotland since the 1980s and have become a key element of delivering flood resilience as a response to the threats presented by climate change.  High levels of demand have been translated into high levels of customer satisfaction as the...
10th August 2017

Scotland's Coastal Change Assessment

The Coastal Change Assessment creates a shared evidence base to support more sustainable coastal and terrestrial planning decisions in the light of a changing climate. For the first time, all 21000 km of the Scottish shoreline have been analysed to a level of detail never achieved before. The...
30th May 2017

Evaluating the impact of the Scottish Government funded Community Resilience Development Officer Post

The aim of this study was to evaluate the Scottish Government funded Community Resilience Development Officer post at Education Scotland. The evaluation took place to inform the Scottish Government in terms of planning, and funding for, future posts of this kind. The purpose of the post is to help...
1st January 2016

Are Scotland’s soils really wetter in winter than in the past?

Good soil structure and field drainage systems are key to achieving good water quality and minimising flood risk. They are also vital for agricultural productivity and in the greenhouse gas balance of many soil systems.
1st December 2015

Land management for increased flood resilience

Natural Flood Management (NFM) (e.g. restoring watercourses, riparian tree planting, washland and wetland creation) is a core component of flood risk management strategies in Scotland. However little is known of its potential impact on the farming and land management communities, individual farm...
1st November 2015

Scotland's Water Sector: An overview

The purpose of this research is to produce a map that demonstrates the scope and scale of Scotland’s water sector and demonstrates how the different parts of the sector link together. It demonstrates how the decision making processes that influence, manage and control Scotland’s water resources are...
1st March 2015

Surface water flood forecasting for urban communities: A Review

In urban areas, the impacts of surface water flooding can be very severe as such environments are generally densely populated and contain vital infrastructure. In recent years there have been regular occurrences of urban flooding in many parts of the UK with surface water flooding accounting for...
1st November 2013

Source Control SUDS in Scotland

This project looks at various aspects of source control SUDS in Scotland and globally. The following publications are part of this project:  Research Summary: Implementation of Source Control SUDS in Scotland.  A rapid review of the background to source control.  Source control SUDS...