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Image showing water sprayer in action



Report cover FIO monitoring and sampling
18th May 2020

Identifying FIO sources: monitoring techniques and sampling strategies

Review of monitoring techniques and sampling strategies to identify the most significant sources of Faecal Indicator Organisations (FIO) within a catchment  SEPA plan to use “blitz” monitoring to get a picture of water quality across catchments where there are multiple sources of faecal...
Exploring Scotland’s Resilience to Drought and Low Flow Conditions - World Water Day 2019
15th May 2020

World Water Day 2019

On World Water Day 2019 the Hydro Nation International Centre and Centre of Expertise for Water (CREW) hosted a conference on "Resilience to Drought and Low Flow Conditions in Scotland", an event supported by the Scottish Government. Scientists, engineers, planners and managers shared their...
Report front cover
26th November 2019

Assessing the effectiveness of environmental improvement measures

This output is part of a project titled 'Assessing the effectiveness of environmental improvement measures - developing a toolkit to rank success and inform policy.' The report provides a recommendation to SEWeb for a decision aiding approach to assess the effectiveness of existing and future...
Paved over garden and map
14th October 2019

Quantifying rates of urban creep in Scotland

Urban creep, the process of converting gardens and other vegetated areas (which help to soak up rain), to built-up surfaces (which are impervious), is an important factor affecting surface water flood risk.  This project aimed to answer the question, what are the typical rates of urban creep...
11th October 2019

Prevention-led approach to the delivery of good drinking water quality

The aim of this project was to collate evidence related to prevention-led approaches within catchments, that was of relevance to Scotland and the benefits that they could bring to safeguarding drinking water supplies. This project sought views, nationally and from other EU (and international)...
Report front cover photos of River Leven
12th September 2019

River Leven Catchment Initiative: Synthesis of current knowledge to help identify environmental management priorities to improve the water environment

The main aim of the study was to review and synthesise current knowledge relating to the water environment within the River Leven catchment, including the condition of its rivers, lochs and groundwater. The study addressed six main research questions. 1. What is the current condition of all rivers...
Integrated Water Resource Management in Southern Malawi
16th August 2019

Integrated Water Resource Management in Southern Malawi - Enhancement report for project expansion

Abertay University was commissioned by the Scottish Government through Hydro Nation International to explore ways to enhance the impact of Scottish Government support to the Government of Malawi in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6).  The project involved: • A review of...
CREW_topo-bathymetric LiDAR
13th May 2019

Topo-bathymetric LiDAR in support of hydromorphological assessment, river restoration and flood risk management

This project evaluated topo-bathymetric LiDAR* data for the Rivers Dee and Garry by assessing performance in terms of: (1) accuracy (2) spatial resolution (point density) (3) completeness of data and (4) measurement of water depth. The research also considered aspects relating to the...
14th September 2018

Developing Scotland's Shellfish Water monitoring programme

This project set out to develop recommendations for delivery of a scientifically robust, efficient and cost-effective sanitary survey programme and environmental monitoring programme to better inform Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) shellfish...
17th April 2018

What evidence does SEPA need to deliver RMBP objectives for 2027 for rural diffuse pollution pressures?

Rural diffuse pollution is the main cause of downgrades to the water quality of Scotland.  The objective for this workshop was to confirm the evidence gaps in our understanding of rural diffuse pollution, which are hindering the delivery of the ambitious RBMP improvement objectives set for...