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Image showing water sprayer in action



Report front cover photos of River Leven
12th September 2019

River Leven Catchment Initiative: Synthesis of current knowledge to help identify environmental management priorities to improve the water environment

The main aim of the study was to review and synthesise current knowledge relating to the water environment within the River Leven catchment, including the condition of its rivers, lochs and groundwater. The study addressed six main research questions. 1. What is the current condition of all rivers...
PFAS and PWS - report cover
21st May 2019

Risks to private water supplies from the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

In Scotland and the EU, drinking water quality is regulated under the Council Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption (Drinking Water Directive-DWD). The revision of Annex II Part C to the  DWD in October 2015 focussed attention and limited resources to...
17th April 2019

Key barriers to the adoption of innovation in water and wastewater service provision

The aim of the research was to identify barriers faced by private developers in the provision of innovations in water and wastewater services and to provide recommendations to enhance innovation in building and managing water and wastewater assets.  In order to achieve this aim, the project...
5th April 2019

Lead in drinking water: public health, mitigation and economic perspectives

In Scotland, public water supplies are lead-free. However, water from corrosive (acidic, soft) raw sources may be a problem for premises still containing lead pipes and plumbing components such as lead-solder and brass fittings due to plumbosolvency, i.e. lead leaching from leadcontaining pipes and...
17th October 2018

Water and the circular economy - where is the greatest sustainable economic benefit for resource recovery in the water environment?

This project set out to answer three research questions (i) which resources can be, in principle, recovered or obtained from water in Scotland; (ii) what is the total amount of each resource that is present in, or can be obtained from, different water sources in Scotland, and; (iii) which maximum...
Scotland risk maps for trial parameters
11th December 2017

Design and designation of private water supply risk areas

In Scotland, private water supplies are regulated separately under The Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations 2006. Type A private water supplies are currently sampled on an individual basis; however, changes to the Drinking Water Directive specify criteria for a flexible monitoring program...
Scotland's Water Sector Map
22nd November 2017

Scotland's Water Sector Map 2017

In 2015, a review of Scotland’s Water Sector was published by CREW in support of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation Strategy. This work reported on the scope and the scale of Scotland’s Water Sector, and how different parts of the sector link together using visual tools in the form of Scotland’...
30th May 2017

Evaluating the impact of the Scottish Government funded Community Resilience Development Officer Post

The aim of this study was to evaluate the Scottish Government funded Community Resilience Development Officer post at Education Scotland. The evaluation took place to inform the Scottish Government in terms of planning, and funding for, future posts of this kind. The purpose of the post is to help...
1st November 2015

Scotland's Water Sector: An overview

The purpose of this research is to produce a map that demonstrates the scope and scale of Scotland’s water sector and demonstrates how the different parts of the sector link together. It demonstrates how the decision making processes that influence, manage and control Scotland’s water resources are...
12th October 2015

Radon in groundwater drinking water supplies in Scotland

Are radon concentrations in drinking water higher in the high-risk area, where the underlying geology is likely to deliver high radon concentrations in groundwater and indoor-air, than elsewhere in Scotland? What should the minimum allowable radon concentration (parametric value) and action level...