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Review of psychoactive substances wastewater monitoring approaches and recommendations for the feasibility of applying different approaches in Scotland.

Sewage treatment plant. Unaltered photograph courtesy of: 2) By Paul McIlroy, CC BY-SA 2.0,


CREW Code: CRW2023_10

Type of project: Capacity Building

Overview:  The overall aim of this project is to establish the feasibility and benefits of using the current Scottish Water influent monitoring infrastructure to also monitor psychoactive substances and their metabolites in Scotland and, particularly, how it would benefit existing early warning reporting systems and other intelligence gathering (such as, but not restricted to, RADAR).

Budget: up to a maximum of £80,000 excluding VAT (if applicable).

Project Status: Project in procurement.

Call dates: Monday 11th March – Wednesday 24th April 2024, 15:00. 

Deadline for questions: 17th April 2024.

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Project Objectives

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