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Bob Ferrier

CREW Director
The James Hutton Institute
AB15 8QH

Overall responsibility for the strategic direction and delivery of CREW's activities. He provides strategic advice, oversight and direction, and to make reccomendations to ensure that CREW meets its primary aims.

Bob Ferrier is the Director of the Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) based at the Hydro Nation International Centre, James Hutton Institute, Scotland. CREW delivers at the water policy: research interface, involving co-construction of knowledge between academics and the water stakeholder community of policy, industry and practitioners. With a background in hydrochemistry he has worked globally on issues such as acid rain, diffuse pollution, catchment to coast interactions and rural sustainability, as influenced by climate change, land use, and human interactions. He is an Honorary Chair in the School of Social Sciences at the University of Dundee, Scotland, and presently a member of the Scottish Science Advisory Council.