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20th December 2022

CREW celebrates 10 years since the launch of Scottish Canals and our ongoing partnership

Image of canal and barge boats

CREW celebrates 10 years since Scottish Canals launch as the public body responsible for maximising the benefits of Scotland’s canal network and surrounding environments.

CREW’S partnership with Scottish Canals supports transformation of these amazing assets, promoting sustainable growth, and access to opportunities for health and well-being. Crucially Scotland’s canal network offers solutions to climate change impacts such as managing surface water and sustainable transport routes. CREW’s research theme of ‘Hydrological Extremes, Coasts and Risk Management’ aligns with challenges facing Scottish Canals such as mitigating the impacts of climate driven flooding and soil erosion. Partnership working allows research to be shaped to provide knowledge that enables future management of these assets and to raise awareness of the benefits they provide to communities.