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CRW2022_07 Climate Crisis: informing Scotland’s actionable mitigation and adaptation response to water scarcity

Basin fen at Whitlaw Mosses - Photo credit: Andrew McBride, Land and Habitats Consultancy

CREW Code: CRW2022_07

Theme: Hydrological Extremes, Coasts and Risk Management

Type of project: Capacity Building

Project status: Project in progress


Overview: Tackling climate change is a top priority on the Scottish Government agenda due to the extent of complex systemic changes and unknowns which pose a risk to human health and ecosystems. In the recent UK Climate Change Committee (2022) report to Scottish Parliament, there is an urgent need to inform fit for purpose strategies that can be created and implemented in Scotland without delay.


The project aim is to inform and prioritise actionable mitigation and adaptation solutions to address future water scarcity challenges in Scotland.

The project team will facilitate, via one knowledge exchange workshop, a collaborative discussion with all relevant stakeholders to define critical knowledge needs and important synergies to inform mitigation and adaptation solutions that address water scarcity in Scotland.

Key questions: 

  1. What is the current state of knowledge regarding the past trends, current situation and future predications of water scarcity in Scotland? (High-level overview prior to workshops; to consider relevant local, national, and international evidence and literature)

  2. What is currently being done to mitigate water scarcity in Scotland and how effective are these strategies currently (To include a consideration of relevant strategies from different countries for comparison)

  3. In the future, will these strategies be fit for purpose under different climate change projections and the uncertainties associated?

  4. What mitigation and adaptation strategies are therefore needed to address water scarcity in the short and long term in Scotland? (Short-term <5 years, long-term 5+ years)

  5. How can these proposed strategies be implemented within current policy framework in Scotland? (To include recommendations)

Lead research team: University of Dundee

Project Objectives

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