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CRW2023_01: Hydro Sector engagement over environmentally effective and cost-efficient sediment management at impoundments

Hydro Dam - Photo credit: Shasta Marrero

Type of project: Capacity Building

Aim: The project has two main aims. The first is a science communication exercise to raise awareness in the hydro sector of basic river geomorphological processes. This will provide a platform to help raise awareness of: (a) the ecological importance of sediment continuity to rivers and of the environmental risks of not properly addressing this in permit applications; and (b) of the commercial risks posed by climate change-related increases in the rate of sediment delivery to hydro and water supply impoundments. The second aim is to improve understanding and raise awareness of the cost effectiveness of different sediment management options available to address these risks. These improved levels of understanding will make the process of applying for, issuing, and reviewing permits more efficient for hydro-scheme operators and SEPA respectively.

Key questions: 

  • To what extent are hydro-scheme operators aware of the hydrological and geomorphological impacts of climate change and of the associated risks to their operations over decadal to century time scales?
  • To what extent are operators aware of the effects of their activities on sediment transport and the consequent effects on river habitats and species in adjacent river reaches?
  • To what extent are the operators aware of the different sediment management options available to them and to what extent have they considered using them at their sites?
  • What are the potential cost-benefits of applying these different options and to what extent are the operators aware of them?

Project Status: Project in progress



Project Objectives

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