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CRW2023_02: Creating healthy and resilient river systems across Scotland: prioritising research and development gap opportunities for river woodlands.

Tree planting along riverside - Photo credit: Steve Addy

Type of project: Capacity Building

Aim: The overall aim of this project is to prioritise the research and development (R&D) gap opportunities identified in the Riverwoods evidence review for creating healthy and resilient river systems through improved riparian and floodplain management in Scotland, and identify opportunities to address these gaps to enable investment in new and extended river woodlands, and improved/restored riverscape environments.

Project Status: Call for proposals

Budget: up to a maximum of £195,000.

Application deadline: Monday 2nd October 2023, 15:00

Project Specification



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  • All applications should be submitted by email to before the deadline.
  • Applicants should use the CREW Application Form when applying for projects.
  • CREW Funding Terms and Conditions have been provided to all eligible Higher Education Institutes and Research Institutes.

Project Objectives

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