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Type of project: CREW Science Policy Fellowship

Overview: CREW Science Policy Fellowships intend to support evidence-based decisions by providing the opportunity for Scotland’s research community to advocate for critical science that addresses upcoming water-related policy, regulatory and/or industry needs.  This ‘research-push’ workstream compliments CREW’s ‘policy-pull’ Capacity Building and Call Down workstreams in facilitating exchanges of expert knowledge between Scottish Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Research Institutes, and policymakers, regulators, and industry representatives. 

Eligibility: CREW Science Policy Fellowship funding is open to applications from all relevant Scottish HEIs and Research Institutes (approved subcontractors).  Approved subcontractors have received a copy of CREW’s Terms and Conditions.  CREW encourages applications from experienced to early career researchers (ECRs) under the supervision and mentorship of experienced researchers.

Autumn 2023: CREW commissioned three Science Policy Fellowships which are aligned to, and support, the development of Scotland’s first Flood Resilience Strategy. 

Project Status: All projects complete.

Please use the links below to access the project outputs for each project:

Building Public Health Resilience to Fluvial Flooding in Scotland

Policy to Preparedness: Flood Policy and Community Engagement

Resilience to Fluvial Flooding: Knowns and Unknowns to Recommendations to Management








Project Objectives

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